Each photo session is custom designed by us ( you and me), at our consultation meeting, prior to your photo shoot. This is where we discuss ideas, put the plan into play and answer any of your questions.


Most photo sessions run 1-2 hours. It depends on the session that has been booked.


I photograph on TUES, WED, FRI and SAT with the weather permitting, it is common to book back-up dates at our consultation meeting. My photos sessions take place early in the morning 8:30-11:00 and or in the late afternoon from 4:00-9:00pm depending on the time of the year. I’m happy to make exceptions, especially with younger children.


For High School Seniors:

I recommend 3-4 outfits, have fun with them, be creative and be you. 1- Formal (dressy or classic outfit), guys (suit or tie) 2- Casual (just being you) 3- Accessories are fun (hats, scarves, jewelry, pet, instrument, incorporate your hobby or sport...)

For Professional Portraits:

2 Outfits work bestPhoto shoots are fun, always bring more than less, we will help you sort out what will work best for you.Preparation is important for successful portraits.

Make-up is recommended and wearing it heavier helps to bring out your features; natural tones are very complimentary. And make sure you rest up the day before, too.


It's best to stay with solid colors, try to avoid bold patterns, logos and busy stripes. But of course there are times when we like to break the rules and get creative with mixing patterns and textures.