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I am so happy to share Kaitlin’s Senior Photos with you, they are so so lovely, just like Kaitlin. Kaitlin has many looks, when she smiles the whole photo lights up and when she gives us her serious side, you have a feeling of nostalgia, with her beautiful wavy blonde hair and big blue eyes. Kaitlin is the youngest of 3 siblings and I feel so lucky to have photographed all of them for their senior portraits. Here are a just a few stunning photos of Kaitlin, Enjoy!Kaitlin_Blog_1 Kaitlin_Blog_2 Kaitlin_Blog_3 Kaitlin_Blog_5Kaitlin_034 copyKaitlin_033b Kaitlin_Blog_6Kaitlin Campbell, Senior Portraits Kaitlin_Blog_7Kaitlin_075 copyKaitlin_Blog_8 Kaitlin_079Kaitlin_Blog_10 Kaitlin_Blog_11


Here are some awesome shots from Nick’s Senior Photo shoot. We went to visit Lewis & Clark College and walked around their beautiful campus for Nick’s senior session. It helps when your parents are Alumni there, we had such a great shoot. (You are not allowed to photograph on campus, unless you are Alumni or have special permission-just FYI) I felt very lucky to have the opportunity to photograph with Nick and his DAD. Maybe Nick will carry on in his families tradition and attend Lewis and Clark next year, like his parents. I hope you have a fantastic senior year Nick.

Nick_Blog_1 Nick_Blog_2 Nick_Blog_3 Nick_Blog_4 Nick_Blog_5 Nick_Blog_6 Nick_Blog_7 Nick_Blog_8 Nick_Blog_9 Nick_Blog_10 Nick_Blog_11 Nick_Blog_12

It’s time to share Colton’s Senior Photos and I am loving them so. When we had our consultation meeting, we talked about where he would like to go to take his photos. Colton talked about how he liked color, green & trees – so we went to a bright and colorful park. I really wanted him to pop and show his awesome hair! He looks so handsome in his sweater and tie. And I just love his last look, when he brought out his Japanese warrior outfit (he brought back from Japan) – I thought, WOW-this is so cool! He went right into character and he looks brilliant. I have been so lucky to have known Colton for quite a while and it was such a pleasure to photograph him as an adult. I hope you enjoy his photos, as much as I do.

Colton Miller, Senior PhotosColton_Blog_1Colton_Blog_2Colton_Blog_3Colton_Blog_5 Colton_Blog_6Colton_Blog_7Colton Miller, Senior Photos Colton_Blog_9 Colton_Blog_10 Colton_Blog_11Colton Miller, Senior Photos Colton_Blog_12 Colton_Blog_13Colton Miller, Senior Photos

It’s three weeks into September and the school year is in full swing! Seniors, especially, are super busy in the Fall. In addition to getting back into homework, sports, clubs and other fun activities, there are also college applications, financial aid forms, cap and gown orders, and senior photos to think about. This is all very exciting!

I can help you get through the Senior Photo process as painlessly as possible. Although June seems far away, the Submission Deadlines for your Senior Photos are very near.

Below are the Senior Photo Submission Deadlines for 8 local high schools:

West Linn High School – Oct. 29, 2015
Oregon City High School – Nov. 1, 2015
Tigard High School – Nov. 1, 2015
Milwaukie High School – Nov. 2, 2015
Lakeridge High School – Nov. 3, 2015
Wilsonville High School – Jan. 5, 2016
Tualatin High School – Jan. 8, 2016
Lake Oswego High School – Jan. 15, 2016

All senior photos submitted must be high quality (300dpi or higher) and cannot be taken from a Facebook or Instagram picture. Each high school has their own specifications and submission process – be sure to check your school’s website for details. Once you have submitted your photo, make sure that you follow up to confirm they have received it. If you do not have a professional photo to submit, the school will use the photo taken for your child’s school ID.

So lets take your senior photo and get this checked off your list.

A Senior Photo Session is a special time for a student, as well as for the parents. Senior photo shoots are so fun; celebrate this time together and then share it with your family and friends. It’s not every day your senior gets to be the center of attention. Watch them start to shine, relax and feel more comfortable and confident during the photo shoot. It’s a great experience for everyone!

To schedule a Senior Portrait Photo Shoot, email or call at 503-382-9052.

Schedule your Senior Photos now.

We had such a great senior photo shoot with Joey! He has an awesome smile and so easy to be around. Check out his handsome photos. The best part of my job is spending time and getting to know each senior a little more. They are our future and I can tell Joey is going to contribute a lot to the world. Can’t wait to share his gallery with him.

Joey Velasquez, Senior Portraits Joey_blog_002 Joey Velasquez, Senior Portraits Joey Velasquez, Senior Portraits Joey_blog_005 Joey Velasquez, Senior Portraits Joey_blog_007 Joey_blog_008 Joey_blog_009 Joey_blog_010 Joey Velasquez, Senior Portraits Joey_blog_012 Joey_blog_013

Sep 19, 2015
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We had a blast photographing the Miller family. This was another cold afternoon during Thanksgiving vacation and the rain paused just enough for us to go outside too.  It was a fun capturing three generations of family and  including their beautiful dog! Thanks for a great shoot Miller family.















The wonderful Vanderipe Family, and their extended family. Such a fun afternoon by the river, it was super cold but they never let on. Love you guys!!!












Sep 19, 2015
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Sep 19, 2015
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Sep 18, 2015
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