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Daryl’s photo session was a on a cold November morning but you wouldn’t even know it. We were also lucky enough not to get rained on and there was a still a bit of fall hanging around. He’s looking very handsome with his tie and dress shirt and his coloring goes so well with the fall colors. I’m looking forward to seeing which photos Daryl and his family choose.  Here’s a sneak peek from his Senior Photo shoot.  Daryl 1 Daryl 2 Daryl 3 Daryl 4 Daryl 5 Daryl 6 Daryl 7 Daryl 8 Daryl 9 Daryl 10 Daryl 11 Daryl 12 Daryl 13

KAG_Logo_WEB The Science Behind the PRINT.

Have you ever noticed how brilliant and true to life the colors are in the prints you receive from a professional photographer? Skin tones look natural, shadows are smoothed out, and scenery is striking without overwhelming or overshadowing the main figures. You may not realize, but it’s not accidental, coincidental, or lucky. There’s a lot of work that goes on behind the scenes to provide you with prints with the most realistic, most vivid colors.

The most important thing a photographer can do is to pick out one or two local labs that she knows and trusts. Working closely with these labs, the photographer calibrates her own monitor to the lab so the colors she sees precisely match the colors from the printer. Typically the photographer will have a piece of specialized hardware that attaches to the monitor and reads the color off the screen. This device helps optimize the brightness, contrast and color output and works in tandem with Photoshop to display your images with the most accurate color display possible. This ensures the colors she sees on her screen will be the exact colors you get. Before you receive your print, she will look at each one critically and have it reprinted if it isn’t perfect.

A professional print goes through the same process that old-school film prints used to go through – light is shone on light-sensitive paper and run through a chemical process. These are true photographs, not just inkjet prints like you can do at home.

Sometimes it’s nice to purchase a digital file from the photographer as it allows you to do many other things your photographer can’t do. You can post it on Facebook or Instagram, use it as your computer wallpaper, put it in that family calendar, or maybe even create a fun mug or throw for Mother’s Day. It’s great to be able to do all those things. However, if you plan on having prints made to frame, be sure to talk to your photographer first. She can recommend what labs to use to ensure you will be happy with your print for years to come. It’s not uncommon for people to take a digital file and send it off to a discount store to print some copies, only to be disappointed that they aren’t the quality they were expecting.

A framed family portrait can grace the walls of your home for years and can become a treasured family heirloom. Make sure you give it the proper care and respect by starting off with the best possible print you can.

Sharing my Wedding Photography on my blog is so fun, with each wedding a story unfolds. Here is the beautiful photo story of Jennifer and Robert’s wedding day. They not only have the love for one another but have a love for Karate & board games (we even captured some of their Karate moves…) they also brought every game you could think of to share with the guests. Right after their beautiful ceremony at the World Forestry Center in Portland, they headed into the reception to laugh and play with their friends and family. It was a fantastic day, full of love & laughter. Congratulations to Jen and Robert!  I have known Jen’s family for quite a few years and I felt very honored to be asked to be their photographer. Enjoy this sneak peek of their special wedding day.Young Wedding Blog_2  Young Wedding Blog_4 Young Wedding Blog_5 Young Wedding Blog_6 Young Wedding Blog_7 Young Wedding Blog_1 Young Wedding Blog_9 Young Wedding Blog_0 Young Wedding Blog_1 (1) AdobeBridgeBatchRenameTemp2Young Wedding Blog_2 AdobeBridgeBatchRenameTemp3Young Wedding Blog_3 AdobeBridgeBatchRenameTemp4Young Wedding Blog_4 AdobeBridgeBatchRenameTemp5Young Wedding Blog_5 AdobeBridgeBatchRenameTemp6Young Wedding Blog_6 AdobeBridgeBatchRenameTemp7Young Wedding Blog_7 AdobeBridgeBatchRenameTemp8Young Wedding Blog_8 AdobeBridgeBatchRenameTemp9Young Wedding Blog_9 AdobeBridgeBatchRenameTemp10Young Wedding Blog_0 AdobeBridgeBatchRenameTemp11Young Wedding Blog_1 AdobeBridgeBatchRenameTemp12Young Wedding Blog_2 AdobeBridgeBatchRenameTemp13Young Wedding Blog_3 AdobeBridgeBatchRenameTemp14Young Wedding Blog_4 AdobeBridgeBatchRenameTemp15Young Wedding Blog_5 AdobeBridgeBatchRenameTemp16Young Wedding Blog_6 AdobeBridgeBatchRenameTemp17Young Wedding Blog_7 AdobeBridgeBatchRenameTemp18Young Wedding Blog_8 AdobeBridgeBatchRenameTemp19Young Wedding Blog_9 AdobeBridgeBatchRenameTemp20Young Wedding Blog_0 AdobeBridgeBatchRenameTemp21Young Wedding Blog_1 AdobeBridgeBatchRenameTemp22Young Wedding Blog_2 AdobeBridgeBatchRenameTemp23Young Wedding Blog_3 AdobeBridgeBatchRenameTemp24Young Wedding Blog_4 AdobeBridgeBatchRenameTemp25Young Wedding Blog_5 AdobeBridgeBatchRenameTemp26Young Wedding Blog_6 AdobeBridgeBatchRenameTemp27Young Wedding Blog_7 AdobeBridgeBatchRenameTemp28Young Wedding Blog_8 AdobeBridgeBatchRenameTemp29Young Wedding Blog_9 AdobeBridgeBatchRenameTemp30Young Wedding Blog_0 AdobeBridgeBatchRenameTemp31Young Wedding Blog_1 AdobeBridgeBatchRenameTemp32Young Wedding Blog_2 Family Group Shots230 copyAdobeBridgeBatchRenameTemp33Young Wedding Blog_3 AdobeBridgeBatchRenameTemp34Young Wedding Blog_4 Young Wedding Blog_3 AdobeBridgeBatchRenameTemp36Young Wedding Blog_6 AdobeBridgeBatchRenameTemp37Young Wedding Blog_7 AdobeBridgeBatchRenameTemp38Young Wedding Blog_8 AdobeBridgeBatchRenameTemp39Young Wedding Blog_9 AdobeBridgeBatchRenameTemp40Young Wedding Blog_0 AdobeBridgeBatchRenameTemp41Young Wedding Blog_1