We took Michael into the city for an urban look for his senior photo shoot. He has such a great smile and an awesome attitude. I love when musicians bring their instruments – it captures such an important part of their lives.  Check out the rooftop photos with his guitar.

Here are some beautiful photos from  one of my favorite Senior Photo shoots a few summers back.  Weston just shines with her long brown hair, striking blue eyes & lovely dress among the willow branches. She was a big softball player, so we also shot some cool photos on the softball field. It was such a pleasure to photograph her – she is such a lovely person and I feel lucky to have know her since she was a little girl & actually photographed her playing in her treehouse when she was about 5 or 6 and now, to photograph her as a beautiful young woman. She has such a bright future ahead of her!


Aug 01, 2019
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I love taking family photos when they include the family animals too! Not only did we get the dog, but also the little kitten came out to play. I hope you enjoy these photos of this lovely family.

These photos were from one of my Mini Sessions offered last Fall. I love the vibrant colors and especially their laughter and smiles.

In honor of another school year under our belt, I am catching up with all my senior blogs. Here are a few wonderful photos of Benjamin’s Senior Photo session. He is looking so handsome. His mom has a love for Black & White photography, as I do, so we printed some in B&W and they look awesome! I’m super happy with them. Happy Graduation Benjamin!


We had an awesome day photographing Blake for his Senior Photos. We wandered around Tumwater Winery in West Linn (such a beautiful spot) and captured some wonderful photos of him. The rain came out for a while but that didn’t stop us, we photographed under cover and then we were able to include cool clouds too. We incorporated the beautiful vineyard and some grape vines and finished off with the American Flag. Enjoy!

I am so happy to share June’s Senior Photo shoot. We had such a wonderful session photographing in Portland, surrounded by sunshine and the beautiful cityscape. As we cruised around the riverside,  we found some cool graffiti with June’s name – so fun and it made a cool photo.  I wish June all the best in her future. I have a strong feeling she is going to go far. Dream big June and I wish you all the best, happy graduation!

Melissa & Nick were married on a beautiful summer day in a cabin on Mt. Hood. Photographing weddings is such an honor – you see families come together and happiness is everywhere! Melissa & Nick were no exception; they had dated for many years and were so happy to be getting married in a small backyard venue, surrounded by family & friends. Congratulations, Melissa and Nick!  I wish you many, many years of happiness!

I am loving Grace’s senior photos! We photographed in Portland for her session and they are so pretty. It was a busy day – the city was hustling and bustling, bringing a fun energy and colors to the photos. Grace chose 3 looks  – a striking black jumpsuit and 2 super cute dresses.  She is an avid skier and on the West Linn Ski Team,  so we photographed her in the city with her beloved skis just to add to the fun. I love it when the seniors incorporate their hobbies with the photos. Grace was so wonderful to photograph with and I just love her photos.

If you are attending West Linn High School (WLHS) Baccalaureate on June 2nd, that is the perfect time to get  quality Graduate Photos of your Grad with family and friends. The Graduation Ceremony at UofP Chiles Center is very crowded, chaotic, and very often nearly impossible to get a good picture of your son or daughter in their cap and gown. On the other hand, the Baccalaureate ceremony is held at the high school, and you are able to schedule a time slot for a photo of the grad along with their family or buddies.

Photos can be scheduled either before the ceremony (6-6:30pm) or afterwards (8-8:45pm).

Please email me at kerrisphotos@msn.com or call (503)382-9052 to schedule your time.

Congratulations to all the WLHS Seniors!