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Here are some beautiful photos from  one of my favorite Senior Photo shoots a few summers back.  Weston just shines with her long brown hair, striking blue eyes & lovely dress among the willow branches. She was a big softball player, so we also shot some cool photos on the softball field. It was such a pleasure to photograph her – she is such a lovely person and I feel lucky to have know her since she was a little girl & actually photographed her playing in her treehouse when she was about 5 or 6 and now, to photograph her as a beautiful young woman. She has such a bright future ahead of her!


I loved exploring the park with Isabelle, and capturing her smile! She was so fun to spend time with, she has a bright future ahead of her and I wish her all the best. Here are a few samples from her senior photo session.

Forest’s grandmother scheduled individual photo sessions for each of her 4 grandchildren to create a wall collage celebrating them. We photographed Forest in September just when the colors were starting to change. His red hair in the sunlight makes him pop. He is looking so handsome in his sport coat & jeans. Be sure to scroll down to the bottom to see all four grandchildren. Enjoy!

The four grandchildren!

We had a great time with Ian for his Senior Photo Shoot – he brought a flair for fashion and a great attitude! Enjoy!