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In honor of another school year under our belt, I am catching up with all my senior blogs. Here are a few wonderful photos of Benjamin’s Senior Photo session. He is looking so handsome. His mom has a love for Black & White photography, as I do, so we printed some in B&W and they look awesome! I’m super happy with them. Happy Graduation Benjamin!


We had an awesome day photographing Blake for his Senior Photos. We wandered around Tumwater Winery in West Linn (such a beautiful spot) and captured some wonderful photos of him. The rain came out for a while but that didn’t stop us, we photographed under cover and then we were able to include cool clouds too. We incorporated the beautiful vineyard and some grape vines and finished off with the American Flag. Enjoy!

I am so happy to share June’s Senior Photo shoot. We had such a wonderful session photographing in Portland, surrounded by sunshine and the beautiful cityscape. As we cruised around the riverside,  we found some cool graffiti with June’s name – so fun and it made a cool photo.  I wish June all the best in her future. I have a strong feeling she is going to go far. Dream big June and I wish you all the best, happy graduation!

I am loving Grace’s senior photos! We photographed in Portland for her session and they are so pretty. It was a busy day – the city was hustling and bustling, bringing a fun energy and colors to the photos. Grace chose 3 looks  – a striking black jumpsuit and 2 super cute dresses.  She is an avid skier and on the West Linn Ski Team,  so we photographed her in the city with her beloved skis just to add to the fun. I love it when the seniors incorporate their hobbies with the photos. Grace was so wonderful to photograph with and I just love her photos.

If you are attending West Linn High School (WLHS) Baccalaureate on June 2nd, that is the perfect time to get  quality Graduate Photos of your Grad with family and friends. The Graduation Ceremony at UofP Chiles Center is very crowded, chaotic, and very often nearly impossible to get a good picture of your son or daughter in their cap and gown. On the other hand, the Baccalaureate ceremony is held at the high school, and you are able to schedule a time slot for a photo of the grad along with their family or buddies.

Photos can be scheduled either before the ceremony (6-6:30pm) or afterwards (8-8:45pm).

Please email me at or call (503)382-9052 to schedule your time.

Congratulations to all the WLHS Seniors!

I loved exploring the park with Isabelle, and capturing her smile! She was so fun to spend time with, she has a bright future ahead of her and I wish her all the best. Here are a few samples from her senior photo session.

We took Jenna’s Senior Photo Shoot last summer by the river on a super hot day, but you would never know it. She looks lovely and relaxed in her cranberry and blue colors.  She brought along her beautiful black lab who was more than happy to jump in the river after his photo shoot! Her sister came along too – it was great to see Kayla again since I photographer her Senior Photos a few years ago.  Enjoy the rest of your senior year, Jenna!


Kerri Ann Garfield Photography

Sammy’s grandmother scheduled individual photo sessions for each of her 4 grandchildren to make a wall collage celebrating them. The result is a beautiful collection of photos highlighting everyone’s personality. Sammy flew up from LA for Christmas and we were able to squeeze in a photo shoot on this sunny winter day. She was very brave to pose for me and her grandmother in 40 degree weather.  Sammy just graduated from college in January so we can consider these Grad Photos as well. Thanks for being such a trooper Sammy!

The four grandchildren!

Forest’s grandmother scheduled individual photo sessions for each of her 4 grandchildren to create a wall collage celebrating them. We photographed Forest in September just when the colors were starting to change. His red hair in the sunlight makes him pop. He is looking so handsome in his sport coat & jeans. Be sure to scroll down to the bottom to see all four grandchildren. Enjoy!

The four grandchildren!

Mckenzie’s grandmother scheduled individual photo sessions for each of her 4 grandchildren to make a wall collage celebrating them. Mckenzie’s photoshoot captured the gorgeous fall lighting and helps accentuate her blonde hair and blue eyes. She just graduated from Portland State, and after getting her in multiple outfits, we did a mini ‘Graduation Photoshoot’ in her cap and gown. You can see the grad book we made for a graduation souvenir. Enjoy her photos and be sure to see the four grandchildren at the end!

The four grandchildren!